Mario Kart Wii

Yesterday was spent playing lots of Mario Kart Wii. My wife brought it home with her from work yesterday along with the wheel. She was really excited about playing it but I’m really hard to impress. I figured it would be just as good as the other Mario Kart games have been in the past and I was right. It’s just as enjoyable as it’s predecessors.  Using the wheel may take some getting used to. The first thing I did when I started racing was try to turn using the D-Pad which doesn’t work obviously, but after that first time I didn’t do it anymore, so I guess I learn from my mistakes.

Honestly I never played the other Mario Kart games much. This one has plenty of characters though. Mario and Luigi, their counterparts, their significant others, their enemies and their friends. There are 8 cups in the 50cc races, 4 are immediately available, the other 4 are unlockable along with 2 more karts and 2 more characters, King Boo and Diddy Kong. Each cup series has 4 races and the winner in points wins the cup. You can also unlock the ability to use your Mii as the driver.

Mario Kart Wii

Aside from your Mii being used as the driver, they show up here and there through out the races. The audience is made up of all the Miis on your Wii and after winning a division your Mii shows up as a giant statue. You can also submit your “photo” to an online gallery of some sort.

That’s as far as I played, but my wife played it on the Wifi channel and really enjoyed it.

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