Update on GTA4

Okay folks, they just released a “patch” for GTA4. Great.

Maybe my first review was actually a bit to hasty.

Consoles are becoming PCs. I guess to some extent that’s true and I’ve mentioned it in previous posts, but when I pay $60 for a console game, I really expect it to be the game and not some beta version with obvious bugs like loading screens that lock up requiring restarting the game, or if you’re in too deep for that a series of convoluted work arounds like making new profiles and turning off network connections.

The long load time is starting to wear on me along with the long periods of time with no saves that end up causing half of my game play from the last two days to be redundant trips all the way across town to pick up packie and his crew for the 3 leaf clover mission, which I failed a total of 5 times, 3 times were do to bad A.I. on Packie’s part, you know, just standing around being shot in the head by the cops while you and Derrick are halfway down the subway tunnel kind of thing.

Oh well, it’s still worth the 5 stars for the times where you just saved and just run around beating people to death with a bat or shiving them with the knife.

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One response to “Update on GTA4

  1. yes can u make a gta England cuz it gets boring wen u just keep puttin it in america

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