The Novice’s Guide to the Internet and Computing pt. 4

Friday night 7:30. Boredom has begun to set in because you have nothing to do since you are off of work (because you love your job so much). How will you kill the miserable 48 hours between working and working? Why, watching movies of course! The problem with that is that you have to go to a movie or a video store or you can try the crap shoot that is finding something worth watching on TV. Good thing the Internet is here to save the day once again.

Somewhere in the gray outskirts between Internet piracy and youtube lies an area where copyrighted movies and television shows are streamed 24 hours a day or on demand. That area is normally called China and God bless the Chinese for streaming videos across the world so I can watch movies that are still in theaters from the comfort of my own home.

The easiest way to watch these movies is to find a webpage that has them available for viewing. My favorite two are and All you need is the proper video plugins in your browser and they will play. I have to warn you though, that flashy site MegaVideo has begun restricting their playing time making most movies unwatchable unless you subscribe to their premium service.

The next way and as of this writing the only other way I know to watch this kind of stuff is using a software download. I use Veoh, but I have used Miro in the past. Winamp also has a pretty decent selection of streaming content to watch. A quick google search for “Free Internet TV” will bring up some results for more players and sites. Just be wary of Spyware and Adware.

I started using a certain pay music download service recently and it’s sparked an enormous interest in preserving the melodies of the late 19th and early 20th centuries so called “Pre-Blues” music. It’s also allowed me to expand my music collection, with the help of certain softwares that reproduce the audio, but not all that extra data that bulks out the WMA or MP3 and effectively gives them an expiration date. Sometimes you want more than just the music of the artists that interest you. Sometimes you want video to go along with that audio.

I am a fan of the Holy Modal Rounders. Try finding them on Youtube and you will find some stuff from the rockumentry “Bound to Lose”. I’m not interested in that though as most of it is modern. I want the gritty scathing video of them performing back in the 60’s. Well I didn’t chance upon that so much as them performing with another Revival Folk band, whose name escapes me at the moment. I wanted that video though. I needed to put it in my “Holy Modal Rounders” folder, so that I can always go back and watch it as long as I keep it backed up.

I found this amazingly easy to use program called VDownloader, that works as a search engine of some of the more notable video sites like Youtube. You type in what you are looking for “Holy Modal Rounders” for example, and it returns a list of 16 year olds trying to play “Boobs-A-Lot”, you click on the video to watch it, or you can just download it to your hard drive as if it was meant to be. It allows you to que up files so you can moderate how much bandwidth it will consume.

I hope this was as informational for you as it was entertaining for me to write up. Go forth and watch movies with all the benefits of pirating them, without actually pirating them at all. Your quality may vary…GREATLY.

Be sure to check out parts 1, 2 and 3 of this series.

Coming soon: A mega XLS linking to tons of freeware across the web.


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