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New Blog showcasing my Artwork

I hate calling the paintings and drawings that I make “Art”. The word itself has been sullied by those dirty
mouthed, pretentious asses that frequent the small trendy galleries that line grimey streets in metro area
“Art Districts”. Unfortunately, I still feel odd and somewhat self-conscious about showing my pieces to you;
total stranger, to be judged and compared to what you have seen in the past and in many cases what you create
and maybe even comfortably slip the “Art” moniker on to.

I don’t make “Art” and I have nothing creative to say about that. I only paint and draw and scribble, but for
lack of any better collective term; come look at my art.


Two Notes found in a parking lot.

I don’t have the words….
Found in the local area.

Oh Geez guys. I am 30 now. That’s a huge milestone that seems like it should seperate the fickleness of youth from the quiet screaming desperation of adulthood. I should own a house, have a child maybe even be on the second one by now. I should be working that 9-5 or 8-5 with an hour lunch, a week or two of vacation each year, 401k, retirement plans, good credit or something similar to that.

That’s just not how it works out sometimes I guess. Sometimes you have a wife or even a second wife and that’s all you really have to show for 3 decades.

I’m not particularly depressed about all of this, though I feel like I should be. It’s sort of embarrassing to be unemployed, 30 years old and still living at home with your mom, especially when you are in fact married and your wife has to live here too, but that’s the extent of it all. Embarrassment. Sure the economy is bad, I am unemployed through no fault of my own, and after all my money was really just play money for me and Kelly so me being unemployed doesn’t really impact us too badly, but would be even less painful if the unemployment people would get my money to me.

Back in the biblical days 30 was considered to be old and wise. Now look, we live to be 80-90 fairly routinely and 75 is fairly common even.

Oh well, I can’t even remember what point I was trying to make about age anymore.

Peter Stampfel, He was one of the co-founders of The Holy Modal Rounders, which is possibly my favorite band ever.

He also has some of their merchandise as well as his solo stuff for sale on his Myspace page.

Trade ya’: Links for Content.

I am determined to achieve at least 1000 unique hits a month on The problem is content as always. Despite the fact that I have played many games in my time, I haven’t been really impressed with very many. My wife plays crap loads of games, but she generally stays occupied enough drawing or playing the games that she doesn’t feel motivated to write reviews or guides or anything else.I am accepting your content. Even if it’s old blog entries from you. Send the link to me or submit a plain text review and I will check it out and post it up with a link back to your page. Just include the review and a 1-5 star rating.

I get content and you get link popularity, not a bad trade off I don’t think.

You can contact me at cagadotar @ gmail . com

A Domain Up in the Air.

A just registered the domain in hopes someone will buy the name from me for a decent amount of money.  Don’t flood my inbox with compliments on my superior web design by the way, lol.  Any how anyone who wants to try selling consoles or games or whatever read my sales pitch / key word manifesto and prepare your offers. I may keep it if I can come up with the moola or motivation to do something with it, otherwise it goes officially on sale 60 days from today, but to make things simple I’ll just say June 1st.

I have nothing else to post today,but it is Friday (wooo) and I have a great weekend planned out for me and the misses. If you haven’t already checked them out, make sure you look at all my entries on freeware and video games from the past.  My original freeware post still gets more hits than any other post I have.

Have a good weekend folks!

Passing Time at My Boring Job #1

 Subspace Continuum is a 2D above view space combat game, generally the games are capture the flag style. I prefer the Trenchwars server. There are stats, but they essentially mean nothing at least to me. I can abandon my ship at any time and die without losing hours of work. The game works like a FPS basically, except it’s space ships and it’s above view. Lots of fun can be had.