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Consolegiant.com update

Since my last entry I’ve pretty much all, but decided to keep consolegiant.com. I’ll still take offers on it, but I hope to make the money I want in the long run using Adsense. My wife has promised to write a few game reviews and she is certainly more qualified to write reviews than I am.


A Domain Up in the Air.

A just registered the domain consolegiant.com in hopes someone will buy the name from me for a decent amount of money.  Don’t flood my inbox with compliments on my superior web design by the way, lol.  Any how anyone who wants to try selling consoles or games or whatever read my sales pitch / key word manifesto and prepare your offers. I may keep it if I can come up with the moola or motivation to do something with it, otherwise it goes officially on sale 60 days from today, but to make things simple I’ll just say June 1st.

I have nothing else to post today,but it is Friday (wooo) and I have a great weekend planned out for me and the misses. If you haven’t already checked them out, make sure you look at all my entries on freeware and video games from the past.  My original freeware post still gets more hits than any other post I have.

Have a good weekend folks!