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A few interesting sites.

While writing the last entry I came across a few interesting sites and products that I feel more people should know about.

1. VG Chartz is a site that keeps up with actual retail numbers on video game sales and console sales.

2. Familator is an attachment for the DS Lite that allows old Famicom games to be played on it.

3. Wiishaft is an arcade style controller for the Wii.


How long can Nintendo stay number one on the console market?

The biggest complaint I’ve had about the DS and the Wii is that most games use only the gimmicky controls. Sometimes you don’t want to swing your arms around to play a game, or it’s easier and more absorbing to use the time tested old fashioned controls.

Don’t get me wrong. The controls are wonderful and very intuitive on some games. Standard FPS are wonderful on the Wii. I found Call of Duty 3
was a very good example of great playability of first person shooters with the Wiimote, but the FPS that are less traditional like Manhunt 2 are a different story. Trying to perform the executions got old when the Wii didn’t register my movements immediately and I looked like I was having a seizure trying to follow the instructions on the screen, but never-the-less games like Elebits and Link’s Crossbow Training are stellar with the Wiimote. The Wiimote is very intuitive to use on Wii Sports and Wii Play also. The Wii fails at ports though due to the gimmick that is the Wiimote. I have noticed that the new release “Nights” gives the option of controlling with the classic controller, the Wiimote or the Wiimote and Nunchuck combination. The Wii can maintain credibility for the longterm if the games made or ported to it have the ability to use the classic style of controller.

The DS is more of the same issue. My wife has loved her DS (now a DS Lite) since she first got it with Nintendogs long ago. Once again some of the games are great especially the minigame style games like Warioware and Brain age, but other games seem like they use the touchscreen for no other reason than that it is there. When the option is presented to her my wife now opts to use the standard old fashion controls to play her less than perfectly adaptedĀ  games.

All game consoles and handhelds have their own strengths and weaknesses of course, but when you get right down to it, the consoles don’t sell themselves, the games for them do. Nintendo and the game developers should realize that and make the game playability as enjoyable and intuitive as possible using what they have available even if the best solution is to throw out the use of the touchscreen and motion sensing capability of the Wii.

Obviously these things aren’t going to change until the sales start dropping off. The DS and the Wii are the best selling out of all the systems.

Still I don’t know much anyway, my preferred gaming console is my PC. At the rate the consoles are going they’ll all be PCs soon enough.