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Mississippi Gulf Coast Bargain Shoppers and Sellers

Scheduled to open officially on the 15th of this month, Gulf Coast Swap Meet may very well revolutionize your bargain shopping experience. Even if you don’t use the flea markets, swap meets, yard sales or other local solutions to save some cash and instead frequent eBay, craigslist and the like you’ll feel at home using either the classified ads or the auction section on the site.

Gulf Coast Swap Meet is currently only for residents of the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Use of the site is totally free with no catches. The site is ad supported and currently looking for sponsors from the local area. Local area businesses must be based in the area in or around Gulfport, Biloxi, Ocean Springs, Long beach, Gautier or Pascagoula.


Passing Time at My Boring Job #4

You can always bet that when I’m at work I am struggling to find a way to keep myself occupied. Here is the fourth installment in my boring job series.

TVU Networks provides Tvuplayer a freeinternet TV client that currently streams 200 channels including Sci-fi , Comedy Central, Spike and a whole lot more. It also allows you to stream your own channels.

Joost is another internet tv client that streamstelevision shows across the internet. At this time they are showing the first 3 seasons of the original Star Trek , but it also has internet based content like College Humor videos, Super Deluxe and more.

The rest of my time lately has been spent on Newegg and eBay, so I can’t really recommend much else at the moment. Just hang in there, 5:00 isn’t too far away now.

Speaking of eBay I have some items up if you want to check them out.


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The stock market may be crashing, but Apple’s profits are up 57%.

Woot has a Razer Barracuda AC-1 Gaming sound card for $75.00 with shipping.

1GB pc25300 desktop memory for $3.00 and free shipping.

$25.00 off a $100 purchase at Advance Auto Parts

Invader Zim box set for under $20

What’s on eBay today?

Wiimote charge station. This charges 2 wiimotes and comes with 2 2800mAh batteries. Including shipping it’s $13.30. Saving you $7.00 off the retail price.

You can probably get a cheaper deal if you look around a little. Besides this auction is now over. I saw some the other day going for $11.00 with shipping.

I bought a 6ft HDMI cable the other day for less than $7.00 and bought a PS2 to PS3 controller adapter for the same price and both work flawlessly. I bought SaGa Frontier for the PS1 on the same day for cheaper than it would have been if I had found it locally, but as I said yesterday would have gotten a better deal from Amazon.com.

It’s not a secret that eBay and Amazon can be used to get great deals on stuff, but they’re also a good place to go when you’re bored. There’re a few more places I like to frequent to price my collectibles or just to browse for things to spend my money on.
Here’s a quick list.

Auction Arms is a firearm auction site.
Gun Broker is another firearm auction site.
Just in case you are wondering all firearms have to be shipped to an FFL and aren’t shipped until they receive payment along with a copy of the FFL.

Auction Fire is another auction site I like to go to, but I never bid on anything there. I read the fraud alert forum to get a laugh. Actually the thought of buying anything from Auction fire scares the crap out of me.

Spooky stuff and some more freeware.

 Typohound is an eBay typo finder. Can you get good deals looking up misspelled auctions? I never have, but maybe you can.
Crucial’s System Scanner will tell you the amount of memory, cpu and a few other details that can be very useful.

The Dibbuk Box story is an interesting ghost story dealing with a box that once held a Dibbuk or lost spirit. The box was listed on eBay a couple of times which is where this story became known to the internet community, but the story of the Dibbuk Box started in the late 30’s.

Hands Resist Him was another well known item that was supposedly haunted that was listed on eBay. The painting itself is creepy and the story matches.

I don’t really see the need to go into anymore haunted eBay listings since a search on eBay for Haunted items brings up so many results. How many of the items are actually haunted? Probably none.

Giveaway of the Day is a site that presents full version lisenced software free for one day. You can download and install the program on that day, never pay for it and use it until you uninstall it, or windows needs to be formatted.

Magical Jellybean Keyfinder will find your Windows key so you can write it down and keep track of it if you have lost it.

Tetris. The classic game.

Evil Lyrics finds and displays the lyrics to the song you are playing in a bunch of major music players including WMP and Foobar.

TinyPDF allows you to make PDF files

Advanced ID Creator Personal allows you to make professional looking ID cards at home. How useful could this be? Very useful for some.

Easy GPS allows you to make your route on your PC then transfer it to your Garmin, Magellan, or Lowrance GPS.