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Update on GTA4

Okay folks, they just released a “patch” for GTA4. Great.

Maybe my first review was actually a bit to hasty.

Consoles are becoming PCs. I guess to some extent that’s true and I’ve mentioned it in previous posts, but when I pay $60 for a console game, I really expect it to be the game and not some beta version with obvious bugs like loading screens that lock up requiring restarting the game, or if you’re in too deep for that a series of convoluted work arounds like making new profiles and turning off network connections.

The long load time is starting to wear on me along with the long periods of time with no saves that end up causing half of my game play from the last two days to be redundant trips all the way across town to pick up packie and his crew for the 3 leaf clover mission, which I failed a total of 5 times, 3 times were do to bad A.I. on Packie’s part, you know, just standing around being shot in the head by the cops while you and Derrick are halfway down the subway tunnel kind of thing.

Oh well, it’s still worth the 5 stars for the times where you just saved and just run around beating people to death with a bat or shiving them with the knife.

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Grand Theft Auto IV

While it may seem sort of rude to not write a review of this game the day following it’s release it’s actually a compliment. You see I’ve been too busy playing it lately to write a review, but now I am back at my job and have nothing better to do than write about the game.

So far GTA4 is proving just as enjoyable as it’s predecessors. Rock Star uses itself as a platform to parody our American society. Plenty of “hot conversations” with orgasmic cries of “Oh, Yes, tell me more!” and the like. The radio stations have the great song lineups and humorous DJs you have gotten used to while playing the other games and as an added bonus Rockstar has given you a TV at your safe house to watch equally hilarious shows. My favorite is the knife shopping  show.

Cousin Roman from Grand Theft Auto 4

The graphics are good, but not as good as Assassin’s Creed, but it feels much larger than Assassin’s Creed did and that could account for the less than top notch quality. The Explosions are beautiful though and I recommend blowing up at least one car as soon as you can.

The control is a little lacking now when compared to some of the other games I have played lately and does not feel as smooth, but I quickly got used to it.

You are Niko Bellic a Russian immigrant moving in with your cousin, who happens to be involved with some less than reputable people. You do some jobs and before you know it you’re back in the flow you had in your heyday on San Andreas.

The story so far is fairly enjoyable. You have ran away from some bad debt in Russia and come to America to live with your cousin Roman. He introduces you to Michelle who you then have the option of dating. He also introduces you to the guys you’ll be working with and for for the beginning of the game.

As far as the entertainment factor goes this game is fantastic just like all the ones from years gone by.

Based off the immense amount of detail, story, action and entertainment I give this game 5 stars out of 5.

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