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Passing Time at My Boring Job #4

You can always bet that when I’m at work I am struggling to find a way to keep myself occupied. Here is the fourth installment in my boring job series.

TVU Networks provides Tvuplayer a freeinternet TV client that currently streams 200 channels including Sci-fi , Comedy Central, Spike and a whole lot more. It also allows you to stream your own channels.

Joost is another internet tv client that streamstelevision shows across the internet. At this time they are showing the first 3 seasons of the original Star Trek , but it also has internet based content like College Humor videos, Super Deluxe and more.

The rest of my time lately has been spent on Newegg and eBay, so I can’t really recommend much else at the moment. Just hang in there, 5:00 isn’t too far away now.

Speaking of eBay I have some items up if you want to check them out.



Passing Time at My Boring Job #1

┬áSubspace Continuum is a 2D above view space combat game, generally the games are capture the flag style. I prefer the Trenchwars server. There are stats, but they essentially mean nothing at least to me. I can abandon my ship at any time and die without losing hours of work. The game works like a FPS basically, except it’s space ships and it’s above view. Lots of fun can be had.