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The Freeware Update

LogMeIn is a secure Remote Access program that allows you to access and control a seperate computer as if you were sitting in front of it.
Hamachi is a secure VPN that is very easy to setup and takes the guess work out of network games or games across the internet.
Openoffice.org is a full Open Source replacement for Microsoft Office.
Google Docs is a freeware replacement for Microsoft Office, I have only used the spreadsheet tool and it worked well enough for what I wanted to do.
Miranda is a very lite messenger. It supports all the major Messenger services, but can be a bit limited in some ways.
NetStumbler is a great app for keeping track of Wifi access points. It can use GPS to keep track of the exact coordinates of Access point locations so they can be imported to navigational software for easy reference.
Gimp is an open source image editor that is on par with Photoshop with just as big of a learning curve, which is why I still use Photoshop.
Picasa is another program from Google that allows you to do simple editing and effects to your images and also serves as a photo organizer.
Sketchup is a 3d modeling program from Google.
Artrage Starter Edition is the free version of a painting simulator. I have heard fantastic reviews of Artrage, but never used it myself.
Sygate Personal Firewall is the best freeware firewall around. I’m not sure how much has changed since Symantec took over.