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 Superstaph: Is it the next H.I.V.? Around 19,000 people died in 2005 just in America. Drug resistant and spreading through the homosexual communities in San Francisco and Boston. The question is raised, “Is this the new H.I.V. ?”.

Texans see a UFO. A pilot, constable and a bunch of other people reported seeing a UFO. The pilot reported the object was a mile long and half a mile wide.

 WiMax is true wireless connectivity. This could be the future of internet.

Microsoft’s ad spewing shopping carts. Maybe I should say ShopRite’s ad spewing shopping carts since it’s their stores that will have them.

HD  DVD players from Toshiba drop in price and become affordable.

New malware threat in the mix. Dynamically changing code can’t be pinned down.

FCC wants to know what’s up with Comcast’s bandwidth throttling.


A few interesting sites.

While writing the last entry I came across a few interesting sites and products that I feel more people should know about.

1. VG Chartz is a site that keeps up with actual retail numbers on video game sales and console sales.

2. Familator is an attachment for the DS Lite that allows old Famicom games to be played on it.

3. Wiishaft is an arcade style controller for the Wii.