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Nintendo focuses on Europe as Dollar weakens.

Anyone can look at the numbers and realize the most popular console in the “Next gen” console war is the Nintendo Wii. The Wii is still selling out at most retailers on the day the systems hit the floor. The reason for the sell out was due in part to Nintendo limiting production to keep demand high and partly due to the interest in the way the games are played using the remote and nunchuck.

Word has come out recently that Nintendo is beginning to focus on Europe for the majority of it’s sales due to the Strength of the Euro in comparison to the US dollar. Europe is receiving as many as four times the amount of product as the US.

Link to the LA Times story.

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Mario Kart Wii

Yesterday was spent playing lots of Mario Kart Wii. My wife brought it home with her from work yesterday along with the wheel. She was really excited about playing it but I’m really hard to impress. I figured it would be just as good as the other Mario Kart games have been in the past and I was right. It’s just as enjoyable as it’s predecessors.  Using the wheel may take some getting used to. The first thing I did when I started racing was try to turn using the D-Pad which doesn’t work obviously, but after that first time I didn’t do it anymore, so I guess I learn from my mistakes.

Honestly I never played the other Mario Kart games much. This one has plenty of characters though. Mario and Luigi, their counterparts, their significant others, their enemies and their friends. There are 8 cups in the 50cc races, 4 are immediately available, the other 4 are unlockable along with 2 more karts and 2 more characters, King Boo and Diddy Kong. Each cup series has 4 races and the winner in points wins the cup. You can also unlock the ability to use your Mii as the driver.

Mario Kart Wii

Aside from your Mii being used as the driver, they show up here and there through out the races. The audience is made up of all the Miis on your Wii and after winning a division your Mii shows up as a giant statue. You can also submit your “photo” to an online gallery of some sort.

That’s as far as I played, but my wife played it on the Wifi channel and really enjoyed it.

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A Domain Up in the Air.

A just registered the domain consolegiant.com in hopes someone will buy the name from me for a decent amount of money.  Don’t flood my inbox with compliments on my superior web design by the way, lol.  Any how anyone who wants to try selling consoles or games or whatever read my sales pitch / key word manifesto and prepare your offers. I may keep it if I can come up with the moola or motivation to do something with it, otherwise it goes officially on sale 60 days from today, but to make things simple I’ll just say June 1st.

I have nothing else to post today,but it is Friday (wooo) and I have a great weekend planned out for me and the misses. If you haven’t already checked them out, make sure you look at all my entries on freeware and video games from the past.  My original freeware post still gets more hits than any other post I have.

Have a good weekend folks!


Remember when you would run out and rent the old 8 bit RPGs for the NES? Remember how satisfying they were? The graphics weren’t mind blowing and in fact the game developer didn’t rely on graphics to sell their games or to make  you want to play them.  Dragon Warrior never looked good. I brought proof.

dragon warrior

Final Fantasy was the high standard of the RPGs even back then let’s see if I can dig up an original screenshot. Well, it’s not the kind of screenshot I had hoped for, but it shows the simplicity of the original graphics.

You didn’t play these games for the graphics though did you? No you played for the story, the challenge, the gameplay or whatever other reason. The graphics got their job done as symbolic representations of what they were supposed to be.

Now in this day and age of nearly perfect CG and flashy everything, you wouldn’t expect to see a game released with graphics like the old 8bit games, but what if one did.  What if some developer out there has been dreaming of a nearly endless single player RPG incorporating 8bit graphics and a possible MMO shift in the near future?

Imagine playing Final Fantasy on your old Nintendo, remember the care you felt for your party members. Remember how it was almost sad to have to beat the game and part ways with your good friends.  With this new game you never have to part ways. You can play forever.

The best part? This game is in development in fact it is almost a playable demo.

I’m not going to say the name of the game, but I will be linking to the developers blog once that is made.

I’m calling the game debug(31).rar because that is how it appears in my received files folder.

Character development will not come from levels and class will not be determined by a single choice. A fighter will be a fighter because of weapon choice and combat style. A thief will have to act like a thief, to be a mage  just pick up a spell and try to cast it.  You’re a fighter but you start casting spells you become dual classed, until you become a combat mage which gives you special bonuses no one else will have. A fighter dabbles with druid abilities and becomes a ranger.

Spells can be custom made. Some are static, but mixing different things together will net you new and different abilities.

Well enough on that. Let’s look at some of the graphics for this game.

First a simple shop for the overhead map.


followed by a cabin for the overhead map

and a town map being made in the developers map editor.

Any Major developments will be noted here on reeber deef.

How long can Nintendo stay number one on the console market?

The biggest complaint I’ve had about the DS and the Wii is that most games use only the gimmicky controls. Sometimes you don’t want to swing your arms around to play a game, or it’s easier and more absorbing to use the time tested old fashioned controls.

Don’t get me wrong. The controls are wonderful and very intuitive on some games. Standard FPS are wonderful on the Wii. I found Call of Duty 3
was a very good example of great playability of first person shooters with the Wiimote, but the FPS that are less traditional like Manhunt 2 are a different story. Trying to perform the executions got old when the Wii didn’t register my movements immediately and I looked like I was having a seizure trying to follow the instructions on the screen, but never-the-less games like Elebits and Link’s Crossbow Training are stellar with the Wiimote. The Wiimote is very intuitive to use on Wii Sports and Wii Play also. The Wii fails at ports though due to the gimmick that is the Wiimote. I have noticed that the new release “Nights” gives the option of controlling with the classic controller, the Wiimote or the Wiimote and Nunchuck combination. The Wii can maintain credibility for the longterm if the games made or ported to it have the ability to use the classic style of controller.

The DS is more of the same issue. My wife has loved her DS (now a DS Lite) since she first got it with Nintendogs long ago. Once again some of the games are great especially the minigame style games like Warioware and Brain age, but other games seem like they use the touchscreen for no other reason than that it is there. When the option is presented to her my wife now opts to use the standard old fashion controls to play her less than perfectly adapted  games.

All game consoles and handhelds have their own strengths and weaknesses of course, but when you get right down to it, the consoles don’t sell themselves, the games for them do. Nintendo and the game developers should realize that and make the game playability as enjoyable and intuitive as possible using what they have available even if the best solution is to throw out the use of the touchscreen and motion sensing capability of the Wii.

Obviously these things aren’t going to change until the sales start dropping off. The DS and the Wii are the best selling out of all the systems.

Still I don’t know much anyway, my preferred gaming console is my PC. At the rate the consoles are going they’ll all be PCs soon enough.