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Remember when you would run out and rent the old 8 bit RPGs for the NES? Remember how satisfying they were? The graphics weren’t mind blowing and in fact the game developer didn’t rely on graphics to sell their games or to make  you want to play them.  Dragon Warrior never looked good. I brought proof.

dragon warrior

Final Fantasy was the high standard of the RPGs even back then let’s see if I can dig up an original screenshot. Well, it’s not the kind of screenshot I had hoped for, but it shows the simplicity of the original graphics.

You didn’t play these games for the graphics though did you? No you played for the story, the challenge, the gameplay or whatever other reason. The graphics got their job done as symbolic representations of what they were supposed to be.

Now in this day and age of nearly perfect CG and flashy everything, you wouldn’t expect to see a game released with graphics like the old 8bit games, but what if one did.  What if some developer out there has been dreaming of a nearly endless single player RPG incorporating 8bit graphics and a possible MMO shift in the near future?

Imagine playing Final Fantasy on your old Nintendo, remember the care you felt for your party members. Remember how it was almost sad to have to beat the game and part ways with your good friends.  With this new game you never have to part ways. You can play forever.

The best part? This game is in development in fact it is almost a playable demo.

I’m not going to say the name of the game, but I will be linking to the developers blog once that is made.

I’m calling the game debug(31).rar because that is how it appears in my received files folder.

Character development will not come from levels and class will not be determined by a single choice. A fighter will be a fighter because of weapon choice and combat style. A thief will have to act like a thief, to be a mage  just pick up a spell and try to cast it.  You’re a fighter but you start casting spells you become dual classed, until you become a combat mage which gives you special bonuses no one else will have. A fighter dabbles with druid abilities and becomes a ranger.

Spells can be custom made. Some are static, but mixing different things together will net you new and different abilities.

Well enough on that. Let’s look at some of the graphics for this game.

First a simple shop for the overhead map.


followed by a cabin for the overhead map

and a town map being made in the developers map editor.

Any Major developments will be noted here on reeber deef.


Saga Frontier

About 10 years ago I bought a game called Saga Frontier and have been looking for a similar experience from an RPG ever since. This game was published by Square for the Playstation in 1997 and was released in the US in 1998. The game was directed by Akitoshi  Kawazu  who has been involved in plenty of great games. The sound track is very well done the composer is Kenji Ito who also composed the music for “Super Smash Brothers Brawl”.

The Saga series was Square’s experimental RPG and the good ideas were taken and incorporated into their more popular lines like Final Fantasy. Saga Frontier is more enjoyable to me than the rest of the Square/Square-Enix lineup, but that doesn’t hold true for everyone. The games are far less linear and that can represent a problem for some gamers.

Saga Frontier has a total of 7 main characters to choose from. I can’t speak for all of them because I haven’t played through as all of them. I have played through as “Blue” a magic user sent out to kill his brother “Rogue”, but that was 10 years ago. I am currently playing as the mec “T-260” a salvaged robot trying to find out what it’s mission is. One thing I love about these games is the ability to combo off of each other doing massively more damage than the individual attacks, for example if I use “Gen’s” attack called double slash it does about 150 hp of damage, if I use “T-260’s” light Vulcan I do another 150 hp of damage, if they combo their combined damage is closer to 500.

After completing a few missions you have the option of upgrading “T260’s” body which is great since the mecs don’t level up from combat. There are actually no traditional levels in the game, just sort of a growth of skills and ability, but these things happen automatically after each battle and don’t incorporate the system from Final Fantasy X, but probably were an influence in that design.  You also learn new attacks either during combat or after combat and equip abilities just like equipment, but that doesn’t apply to the mecs only the people and monsters.

The first unofficial release of the Saga games in America came in the form of Final Fantasy Legend III, released in 1993, which to be honest I never heard of until today.  Saga Frontier was released close enough to Final Fantasy 7 that it had a hard time competing. It’s an uncommon game to find and it’s price will range from dirt cheap to upwards of $30.00. I got my copy on eBay for about $25.00 with shipping, but soon noticed it on Amazon for $10.00 before shipping.

Let me just say that while Saga Frontier was one of my favorite RPG’s ever, Unlimited Saga was by far the worst game ever made for the main reason of a game board style of movement, so the series isn’t perfect.

If you like the Final Fantasy series The Saga Series is worth checking out especially Saga Frontier and Saga Frontier 2.