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More on Superstaph and some other interesting tidbits.

A star map that works like Google Earth.

Usa300 superbug seems to have evolved from same bacteria.

AT&T considering filtering out P2P traffic.

The RIAA website got hacked and cleaned out.

Albeit Microsoft took what Mozilla did well and did it poorly, “Internet Explorer 7 installation will no longer require Windows Genuine Advantage validation and will be available to all Windows XP users.”, so if you have wanted to try out IE7 for whatever reason, but haven’t been able to validate for whatever reason here’s your chance. The article itself is about an auto-update coming soon.

XBOX Live offering a free game to make up for the problems they’ve been having lately.

Like tower defense games? PixelJunk Monsters should be available  soon.

Let’s say you’re a game developer and have decided that you want to make a game using XNA. XNA is the framework that XBOX 360 games are developed in, but can be used on the PC as well. Regardless, if you use XNA you will soon find out that you have to have an XBOX Live account and in order to play the game you have to be a member of the XNA Creators Club which requires you to purchase membership (4 months for $49.00 one year for $99.00). When it comes time to publish your game, Microsoft is the only one who can publish it and they don’t do it for free either. They take their cut. What that means is you can’t self publish games for PC using this. Even if you just send the game to someone you know, they have to have the XNA Developers kit installed, otherwise it won’t play.¬† The game developers I know are really pissed about all of this, especially with the requirements of Direct X 10 and have decided to continue using Direct X 9 because of this. Unfortunately the only alternative is Open GL which works beautifully on my install of Soldier of Fortune II.That game is how many years old though?



People are getting weaker all the time. We run to the doctor for every little sniffle we get and stock up on antibiotics most of the time.

The people who study these sorts of things have been saying for years that antibiotics are over prescribed and because of that we have been waging biological warfare on ourselves. Germs are like roaches. They mutate and adapt to their environment and become stronger with every attack they survive as a species meaning eventually the attack method must be changed or it will no longer work.

The reason you have to take antibiotics for the full scheduled dosing is to ensure their are no bacteria left. So even if you feel better the 2nd day in you should keep taking the antibiotics for the full 5 or 7 days or whatever you are prescribed. The folks that study these things will tell you that when you don’t kill all the bacteria the bacteria get stronger, which will make it harder to combat next time. These mutated germs are called “Superbugs”. “Superbugs” are resistant to our antibiotics and are harder to get rid of.

The flip side and real point of my writing this is to point out why it’s a good thing to not jump on the antibiotic bandwagon. Trying to cope with your colds and flus on your own can be difficult, but in the end your body will be better suited to defend itself against the next virus, meaning you can opt not to go to the doctor more often. Your body, just like roaches and germs becomes more resilient every time it survives an attack. Now, that doesn’t mean you won’t need help to get over a virus from time to time. The flu, pneumonia and a myriad of other biological hazards float around out there everyday waiting to infect you and if left untreated can kill you. Just think about whether you really need to be popping antibiotics for your cold next time.

Although I didn’t read much of the article, this entry was inspired by this Telegraph.co.uk story.