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Update on GTA4

Okay folks, they just released a “patch” for GTA4. Great.

Maybe my first review was actually a bit to hasty.

Consoles are becoming PCs. I guess to some extent that’s true and I’ve mentioned it in previous posts, but when I pay $60 for a console game, I really expect it to be the game and not some beta version with obvious bugs like loading screens that lock up requiring restarting the game, or if you’re in too deep for that a series of convoluted work arounds like making new profiles and turning off network connections.

The long load time is starting to wear on me along with the long periods of time with no saves that end up causing half of my game play from the last two days to be redundant trips all the way across town to pick up packie and his crew for the 3 leaf clover mission, which I failed a total of 5 times, 3 times were do to bad A.I. on Packie’s part, you know, just standing around being shot in the head by the cops while you and Derrick are halfway down the subway tunnel kind of thing.

Oh well, it’s still worth the 5 stars for the times where you just saved and just run around beating people to death with a bat or shiving them with the knife.

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Grand Theft Auto IV

While it may seem sort of rude to not write a review of this game the day following it’s release it’s actually a compliment. You see I’ve been too busy playing it lately to write a review, but now I am back at my job and have nothing better to do than write about the game.

So far GTA4 is proving just as enjoyable as it’s predecessors. Rock Star uses itself as a platform to parody our American society. Plenty of “hot conversations” with orgasmic cries of “Oh, Yes, tell me more!” and the like. The radio stations have the great song lineups and humorous DJs you have gotten used to while playing the other games and as an added bonus Rockstar has given you a TV at your safe house to watch equally hilarious shows. My favorite is the knife shopping  show.

Cousin Roman from Grand Theft Auto 4

The graphics are good, but not as good as Assassin’s Creed, but it feels much larger than Assassin’s Creed did and that could account for the less than top notch quality. The Explosions are beautiful though and I recommend blowing up at least one car as soon as you can.

The control is a little lacking now when compared to some of the other games I have played lately and does not feel as smooth, but I quickly got used to it.

You are Niko Bellic a Russian immigrant moving in with your cousin, who happens to be involved with some less than reputable people. You do some jobs and before you know it you’re back in the flow you had in your heyday on San Andreas.

The story so far is fairly enjoyable. You have ran away from some bad debt in Russia and come to America to live with your cousin Roman. He introduces you to Michelle who you then have the option of dating. He also introduces you to the guys you’ll be working with and for for the beginning of the game.

As far as the entertainment factor goes this game is fantastic just like all the ones from years gone by.

Based off the immense amount of detail, story, action and entertainment I give this game 5 stars out of 5.

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Trade ya’: Links for Content.

I am determined to achieve at least 1000 unique hits a month on consolegiant.com. The problem is content as always. Despite the fact that I have played many games in my time, I haven’t been really impressed with very many. My wife plays crap loads of games, but she generally stays occupied enough drawing or playing the games that she doesn’t feel motivated to write reviews or guides or anything else.I am accepting your content. Even if it’s old blog entries from you. Send the link to me or submit a plain text review and I will check it out and post it up with a link back to your page. Just include the review and a 1-5 star rating.

I get content and you get link popularity, not a bad trade off I don’t think.

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Consolegiant.com update

Since my last entry I’ve pretty much all, but decided to keep consolegiant.com. I’ll still take offers on it, but I hope to make the money I want in the long run using Adsense. My wife has promised to write a few game reviews and she is certainly more qualified to write reviews than I am.

A Domain Up in the Air.

A just registered the domain consolegiant.com in hopes someone will buy the name from me for a decent amount of money.  Don’t flood my inbox with compliments on my superior web design by the way, lol.  Any how anyone who wants to try selling consoles or games or whatever read my sales pitch / key word manifesto and prepare your offers. I may keep it if I can come up with the moola or motivation to do something with it, otherwise it goes officially on sale 60 days from today, but to make things simple I’ll just say June 1st.

I have nothing else to post today,but it is Friday (wooo) and I have a great weekend planned out for me and the misses. If you haven’t already checked them out, make sure you look at all my entries on freeware and video games from the past.  My original freeware post still gets more hits than any other post I have.

Have a good weekend folks!

Passing Time at My Boring Job #1

 Subspace Continuum is a 2D above view space combat game, generally the games are capture the flag style. I prefer the Trenchwars server. There are stats, but they essentially mean nothing at least to me. I can abandon my ship at any time and die without losing hours of work. The game works like a FPS basically, except it’s space ships and it’s above view. Lots of fun can be had.

B.E.K and other things I wanted to write about, but have been to lazy to research on

I’ve had a ton of ideas and utter crap running through my head lately. I haven’t researched any of these enough to convince anyone of anything, but I have learned enough about them to write some stuff about them and bore any of you that will read this to tears.

Black Eyed Kids are not victims of child abuse or school yard fights, but are supposedly paranormal entities sort of like vampires. They pose as normal kids and knock on doors of houses cars or whatever and when you answer they ask if they can use the phone or bathroom or what have you. Assuming you let them in they supposedly kill you. The first account of these little dudes was in 1998 and occured to a reporter in his car.
Brian Bethel’s Black Eyed Kids encounter
That’s the first story I read regarding them, no big deal kind of creepy, probably a hoax or a case of paranoia. I kept reading about them and ran across a 18 page thread on the B.E.K.
B.E.K. Superthread
The more I read the more I realized that most of the stories are from hyper-paranoid 50 somethings that are not on par with youth culture. I think they are elevating the threat level and remembering things wrong. Some of the stories can’t be explained away that easily, but most of them can be.

I have dismissed these things as over active imaginations taking hold of some encounter with punk kids, never the less when I go out at night to smoke I always half expect to see a couple of kids there with solid black eyes staring at me.

Alright I’ve been on a paranormal kick lately so I dredged up a lot of crap, especially about cryptozoology. Wikipedia entry on Cryptozoology.

Cryptozoology is actually a real science that studies animal fossils, but dips it’s wick into the unusual. Take the Jersey Devil, a mythical beast that is supposed to live in the woods of New Jersey. More info on the Jersey Devil.

The following image and quote came from Weird N.J.

Legend has it that in 1735, a Pines resident known as Mother Leeds found herself pregnant for the thirteenth time. (Leeds is the name of one of New Jersey’s earliest settlers, and many descendants of the Leeds family can still be found throughout NJ to this day.) Mother Leeds was not living a wealthy lifestyle by any means. Her husband was a drunkard who made few efforts to provide for his wife and twelve children. Reaching the point of absolute exasperation upon learning of her thirteenth child’s forthcoming, she raised her hands to the heavens and proclaimed “Let this one be a devil!”

She went into labor a few months later, on a tumultuously stormy night, no longer mindful of the curse she had utter previously regarding her unborn child. Her children and husband huddled together in one room of their Leeds’ Point home while local midwives gathered to deliver the baby in another. By all accounts the birth went routinely, and the thirteenth Leeds child was a seemingly normal baby boy.

Within minutes however, Mother Leeds’ unholy wish of months before began to come to fruition. The baby started to change, and metamorphosed right before her very eyes. Within moments it transformed from a beautiful newborn baby into a hideous creature unlike anything the world had ever seen.”

Chupacabras are another thing that a Cryptozoologist might study.

Pretty creepy, eh?

The one thing I’ve found that has been totally hilarious to me are the withces.

Yeah, well….

The Castle building sim, Stronghold Legends has occupied a great many hours of my time lately. I recommend it to anyone who grew up as an introverted player of StarCraft. Build your castle while you tear down everyone elses. The first Stronghold game took place during the crusades, this one takes place during some mythical age that doesn’t really exist. Werewolves, imps, dragons, giants, witches and more exist to obey your commands as you work your way through the campaign, trails or destroy your human adversaries in online play (still can’t get multiplayer to work over the LAN, sorry.)

A typical castle view. That dragon is only around for about 2 minutes though, so this guy should be attacking someone with it really soon.

Another Game!
Assasin’s Creed!

The Assassins in this game are basically a religion or cult or something that are determined to keep peace by keeping balance. They keep the balance by killing those who might tip the scales. The gameplay is excellent, except I get lost when running from one place to another, like say from Masayaf to Jeruselum. Kill a guy and run up a wall, jump around on the tops of the buildings jump off the buildings into piles of hay, what more could you want? Seriously, the control settings are very intuitive and a joy to use. The camera is generally good, but can present problems at times. Bothered by a beggar? Assassinate her! Tired of being shoved around? Kill them!

You don’t have “life” or “HP” in the game. You have a memory synch bar. Killing these innocent people will desynch you, but your synchbar recharges pretty quick and if there is really a problem just jump off of a viewpoint or kill a guard that is pissed off at you.

This is actual gameplay. I haven’t seen any traditional cutscenes in the game and you can swap the camera around and still move while the NPC’s are chatting it up with you. Definately a great game, some people say it is too short, but it’s really a GTA style game so you can run around and kill as many people as you want really.

Simcity Societies

By far the easiest Simcity game ever made. I played for about 8 hours the day I bought it and left it unattended for about 3 hours of that and had no major problems and had an almost 2 million simolean surplus. Unfortunately my laptop has a hard time running it, but my desktop ought to run it fine. I should be able to fill the entire buildable area and let it run for a week or two straight and have a trillion dollar surplus easily.

I didn’t have any powerplant failures, which is good because I was running three nuclear power plants, along with about 20 windfarms and some trashincinerators and some other things I can’t quite remember the name of.

My crime rate at one point reached high, but I got it back down to medium, my pollution level at one point was high, but I demolished a super coal plant and replaced it with 2 of the Nuke plants.

Everything in the game can be filtered to your wants at the time. Some of the structures require a certain level of creativity, or spirituality or some other thing like that to operate, or to be built and you can filter based off of those same values or you can filter the entire building menus by different characteristics you want to have in your town like fun, industrial, authoritive.

You can build a clown school among other things and it has a special event called mimegeddon. When you use mimegeddon the clown school releases hundreds of mimes which roam the streets. You can build movie theatres and have premeires or build a big fancy movie theatre and have world premeires, open drama schools and have events there, movie sets, burger joints, temples, churches, behavior control facilities and so much more.

I really enjoyed the game, despite the laptop having such a hard time with it.

Well that’s about all I’ve got.